An interview with Chris Vaughan from Top Farm, England

Quality milk, improved fertility, and efficient grazers—Norwegian Reds excel in every way!

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Chris Vaughan, Top Farm, Cheshire
"The cows and the heifers have done everything that they said they would, and they’ve outperformed themselves time and time again".
Chris Vaughan
Cows in milk
Autumn block calving
United Kingdom
Average annual milk production / cow
9.000 Kg

Meet Chris, a dedicated farmer from Cheshire, who has been tending to his family farm for a decade. After leaving college, he brought his work home, and over time, witnessed changes in his Holstein cows that demanded attention. In 2015, when Chris split from his partnership and decided to crossbreed with Norwegian Reds, little did he know that this choice would reshape his farming path.

Chris's farming journey initially involved partnership, managing a mix of cows for milk production. But over the years, the Holstein cows became more demanding than he'd prefer. Concerned about the future, he sought advice and was introduced to Norwegian Reds, an unfamiliar breed to him. After a conversation with a trusted expert, Chris decided to give crossbreeding a shot.

Efficient and robust cows

The decision proved rewarding. Norwegian Red crossbreeds demonstrated remarkable independence during calving, reducing the need for human intervention. This efficiency led to reduced antibiotic use and quicker recovery, even in challenging conditions in general. In addition, I am also very pleased that fertility also soared.

Chris is keen on simplicity. The herd is thriving, producing milk with elevated components and maintaining impressive health records. Longevity is a defining trait, with a culling rate that testifies to the resilience and determination of his Norwegian Red crossbreeds. Cows are hardier, reflecting his commitment to resilient farming. 

Found a balanced, sustainable farming solution

Today, Chris's farm thrives. Milk quality and health records are impressive, and culling rates indicate the resilience of the Norwegian Red crossbreeds. Looking ahead, Chris plans to continue the two-way crossbreeding approach. By embracing Norwegian Reds, he has found a balanced, sustainable farming solution that enhances both his farm's performance and the well-being of his cows.

Chris's experience highlights how being open to change and adjusting to new ways can revolutionize farming. Norwegian Reds have guided him towards a successful route that matches responsible and profitable practices

Chris Vaughan dairy talk