REDX™ – Norwegian Red sexed semen

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REDX™ is Norwegian Red sexed semen. REDX™ is available for purchase in selected countries.

REDX™ combines 21st-century technology with the increased performance gained from Norwegian Red genetics.

See faster genetic gain and performance in your herd by breeding from your best cows, therefore maximizing your profits.

What are the benefits of REDX™?

  • Superior sexed Norwegian Red genetics
  • Increased relative conception rates*
  • Produces more high-value heifers, faster

REDX™ can help you to:  

  • Grow your herd. Sexed genetics allows you to produce more replacement heifers.
  • Be more selective. Breed your elite females with REDX™ for more replacements, allowing you to capitalize on beef on dairy strategy 
  • Maximize your calf crop value

Which animals should I use REDX™ on?

It is important to select the right animals to use sexed semen on to get the best possible result.

We recommend using REDX™ on:

  • Animals that show good heat and have good fertility
  • High-value animals within your herd
  • Heifers, often have better results than cows

We do not recommend using REDX™ in the following situations:

  • Early after calving
  • Animals that do not show good heat or have poor fertility
  • Animals that are synchronized (hormone-treated)

Utilizing REDX™ is particularly valuable when operating under a quota or where you're wanting to grow your herd. Sexed semen gives ample access to good heifers, and it can also open the opportunity to use beef semen on the worst-performing animals in the herd.

The insemination time when using REDX™ is the same as when using ordinary semen.

REDX™ technology

Norwegian Red was the first in the world to sign a deal with Genus ABS to buy their new and patented technology, IntelliGen®, for sexed semen. Genus ABS has spent over seven years developing this technology, which is gentler on the semen than other sexing methods.

*Based on observations made through ABS Real World Data

Where is REDX™ available?

REDX™ semen is currently available in many countries. Check with your local sales office if REDX™ to see if it is available near you.

Find how to buy Norwegian Red semen here


Simone Fasoli with a daughter of the Norwegian Red bull NR11876 Alm

"In the last 12 months we have used REDX™ and we are extremely satisfied with the results, reaching a conception rate on cows of 70%. REDX™ allows us to get pregnancies faster and accelerate the genetic progress of our entire herd"

- Simone Fasoli, Santo Stefano Lodigiano (LO), Italia

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