Optimal thawing of semen

Time to read: ca 2 min

To achieve good results with insemination, it is important to be prompt and accurate when handling semen.

Photo of AI-technician finding the correct straw.
Studies show that thawing procedures are important regardless of how the semen is processed. Photo: Turi Nordengen

Both freezing and thawing cause damage to spermatozoa. In order to minimize such damage, rapid thawing in the correct temperature interval is necessary.

Studies show that thawing procedures are important regardless of how the semen is processed. This is especially important when using REDX™ (sexed Norwegian Red semen) or SpermVital.

REDX™ contain fewer sperm cells than regular semen and are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Correct thawing is also essential for SpermVital since the SpermVital processed semen is an extended-release gel.

Thawing and mounting

Optimal thawing is done by rapid transfer of the straw from the nitrogen container to the thermos with water holding 36-38 ° C. Be careful and always check the temperature of the water in the thermos before thawing doses.

  • The straw must remain in the thawing water for a minimum of 60 seconds. Then soak in the thawing water for as short a time as possible. When inseminating several cows, prioritize the one who should have REDX™ first.
  • No more than 3 straws should be thawed at a time. Of these, no more than 1 straw should be REDX™.
  • After thawing, a drop in sperm temperature will adversely affect sperm viability. Preheating the inseminator to body temperature is therefore important.
  • Place the inseminator in a glove and place it close to the body (to maintain the right temperature) when it is transported from the suitcase to the cow.

From the dose is taken up from the thawing water, the dose should be inseminated as soon as possible. Once the dose has been inserted, you have time to pass the cervix and deposit it in the right place in the uterus.

Do not move straw or canister/goblet from one can to another.

Insemination at the right time

The time of insemination will be of great importance for the pregnancy result. This is especially important when using REDX ™, due to the shorter lifespan of the sperm compared to regular semen.

It is important that you do not inseminate too early in the rut, and that animals that are inseminated with sexed semen show good heat and have good fertility. When inseminating with sexed semen, it is easier to get a better result in heifers than in cows.