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The idea behind the SpermVital technology is to extend the life of spermatozoa after insemination.

Illustration of SpermVital
The SpermVital tchnology makes timing of insemination less critical with regards to ovulation in the female and increases the odds of fertilization success.

To achieve this, sperm cells are immobilized in a natural substance before cryopreservation.

This immobilization preserves energy and enables a controlled release of sperm cells in the uterus after insemination over an extended period of time. This makes the timing of insemination less critical with regards to ovulation in the female and increases the odds of fertilization success.

Revolutionary technology – prolongs the lifespan of semen.

For the herd owner, this translates to reduced insemination costs and improved herd fertility, both factors that lead to increased profitability.


  • Timing of insemination will be less critical
  • Heat detection will be less time consuming
  • The conception rate will be higher than or at least equal to conventional semen.
  • Inseminations per heat can be reduced
  • Insemination per synchronized heat can be reduced
  • Inseminations on weekends and public holidays can be reduced or avoided altogether
  • Conventional insemination equipment and technique is used

How to use SpermVital semen

SpermVital semen is produced and delivered in the same straws as conventional bull semen and is thawed and handled in the same way as ordinary semen.

Read more about optimal thawing of semen here

Geno recommends the following use of the SpermVital technology:

  • Early insemination
    Heat detection will be less time-consuming and you will be able to inseminate as soon as you see the first signs of heat.
  • Weak signs of heat
    Timing of the inseminations will be less time-critical, and therefore beneficial for the cows with weak or uncertain signs of heat
  • Problem cows
    Documented data shows that cows that return to heat, benefit greatly from the SpermVital technology.
  • Increase flexibility
    Timing of inseminations will be less time-critical, and inseminations on weekends and holidays can be avoided.


SpermVital semen is available on a selection of Norwegian Red sires through Geno's distributors

Trials and milestones of SpermVital

2003 Started research and try outs with new technology
2006 Patent application submitted
2007 New technology successfully combined with cryopreservation
2007&2008 Field trials with frozen SpermVital semen
2009 Field trial pilot on Norwegian Red (NRF) cows in Norway
2009 Launch of SpermVital Norwegian Red semen for crossbreeding in Italian market
2010 Large scale field trial in Norway
2010 Launch of SpermVital on Norwegian Red in Holland and UK
2010-2014 First patent awarded in 40 countries
2012 SpermVital technique tested on Holstein semen
2012 Second patent application submitted
2013 Launch of SpermVital in Poland with PH Konrad
2013 Launch of SpermVital in Switzerland with Swissgenetics
2014 Launch of SpermVital in Spain with Aberekin
2014 Synchronization trial in Norway & International market
2015 Launch of SpermVital in Austria with Genostar
2015 Launch of SpermVital in Croatia with Centar za Unapredenje Stočarstva
2016 Launch of SpermVital in Austria with Oberösterreichische Besamungsstation GmbH
2016 Launch of SpermVital on Holstein in UK and Holland
2016 Launch of SpermVital on Flechvieh in Italy
2016 Launch of SpermVital in Germany with Alpengenetic
2017 Launch of SpermVital in Germany with Masterrind
2017 Launch of SpermVital in Iceland with Nautastod Bændasamtaka
2018 Launch of SpermVital in Belgium with AWE