Testimonials for Norwegian Red

Read inspiring stories and testimonials from our partners and dairy farmers around the world, and learn about their experiences with Norwegian Red.

  • We can only achieve real progress in a profitable and sustainable herd if we put a lot of focus on our breeding goals and rely on accurate data. And this is the advantage we have for farmers here in Norway

    Hans Ulberg

  • “Animal welfare is very important for us, and it is considered as one of the pillars of our prevention strategy. We are very focused and only utilizing the best tools to build a healthy and efficient herd - both when it comes to management, cow comfort, technology, and genetics. I believe that prevention it’s much better than cure.”

    Filippo Bozzini

  • "Here, the feed ration can vary, and we have large contrast during the year, from the midnight sun to cold and darkness, but the Norwegian Red adapt easily to the different conditions, and they are easy to get pregnant!"

    Mari Trosten, Návet Doallu dairy farm, Norway

  • “One of the main reasons to start crossbreeding was to get a stronger cow than our Holsteins. A cow that is easier to handle and can cope with any kind of stress without compromising too much her performances. We were confident that was a right choice also based on the international studies and trials already available at the time”

    Egbert, Meuleman Dairy Farm, The Netherlands

  • The Norwegian Red has been a good choice for us, and they have proven to be very competitive, so having Norwegian Red in our herd is the secret to our success, really.

    Lars and Inga Timpelen, Timpelen Farm, Norway

  •  "Norwegian Red is the ideal genetics for dairy farmers that need efficient cows with great health conditions, excellent fertility, high milk quality and cows that last for many lactations in the herd".

    Stefano Corini, Az. Corini Giancarlo e C., Italy

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