Testimonials for Norwegian Red

Read inspiring stories and testimonials from our partners and dairy farmers around the world, and learn about their experiences with Norwegian Red.

  • “We used the highest ranking Norwegian Red sires for fertility for the first few years and made impressive improvements. However, now we look for more of a balance, and have used the young genomically tested sires who have made impressive gains in the past few years.”

    Noel Griffin

  • “Since introducing Norwegian Red genetics, milk yields have not waivered apart from seasonal fluctuations due to weather conditions. I’m happy to target annual yields of 6,500kg a cow, to comply with slurry storage requirements. I don’t push for yields, but look for a balance of fertility, health, and production from good grazing and foraging cows.”

    Conor O'Sullivan

  • "Norwegian Reds offer exceptional performance in our grazing system with their ability to maintain conditions while sustaining high production levels. I particularly value their robustness, strong fertility, and overall adaptability to our farming practices."

    Bart Luitjen

  • "The significant factors include fertility, excellent mastitis control, low cell counts, and feed efficiency. In our three-way cross system, Norwegian Red has truly given us the strength and depth we aimed for, crucial for optimal performance with the feed we provide – it's been key to our success."

    Shane Fitzgerald

  • "The addition of Norwegian Reds has made a real difference. Fertility, longevity, and calf figures have all improved, resulting in healthier and more productive cows."

    Huw Edwards

  • "The cows and the heifers have done everything that they said they would, and they’ve outperformed themselves time and time again".

    Chris Vaughan

  • "We have been raising cows for generations, and we believe the genetics we are using, including Norwegian Red, and the systems we are adopting will help us to produce milk in an even more efficient way."

    Michael Huber

  • “The breeding of 12222 Skoien brings us immense joy as we recognize his potential to make a positive impact on dairy farming both locally in Norway and worldwide.”

    Line Borgerud Skøien and Ole Hjerpaasen

  • “We are dedicated to continuously improving our cows’ performances as our goal is to be among the top breeders for Norwegian Red.”

    Bente Bogen and Stian Løvik

  • "The crossbreds produce more milk than we expected"

    Rick Nijstad