The August 2023 genetic evaluations for Norwegian Red

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Showcasing the latest global lineup of Norwegian Red Sires from the August 2023 Genetic Evaluations

12269 NR Dragset is popular for his outstanding udder conformation and feet and legs conformation along with excellent milk solids production, especially protein yield. Photo: Turi Nordengen

The August 2023 genetic evaluations for Norwegian Red (NR) have been released, showcasing a selection of attractive new sires recently introduced to the global market. While no significant changes were made to the NR genetic evaluation models during this August evaluation, it's important to note that various adjustments were implemented in the NR genetic programs in April 2023. These changes encompass enhancements to the models for calving traits and the Total Merit Index (TMI). For those who may have overlooked these updates, referring to previous reports will provide insights into these improvements.

Norwegian Red sires newly available to global markets

The current selection of NR sires is possibly the finest ever seen in NR history, owing to the availability of numerous exceptional sires in global markets. Several recently introduced sires stand out for their significant production traits, along with commendable udder conformation and other important traits. Geno distributors should take note of these recent additions, while herds are advised to consult their local distributor for a comprehensive list of available bulls.

Explore the following six recently chosen genomic selected (GS) sires, which are likely to attract interest from a variety of herds:

NR Dragset (252NR12269)

Dragset is expected to be popular where udder improvement and feet and leg improvement are needed. He will sire outstanding udder conformation and feet and legs conformation along with excellent milk solids production (especially protein yield). His daughters will have outstanding fertility as well. In addition, he is A2A2 and acceptable for heifer matings.

NR Lyndi-P (252NR12248)

Lyndi-P is a polled A2A2 sire that will be popular in many herds. He is an outstanding all-around sire with tremendous BVs for both fat and protein yields. He is one of the top production sires especially for fat yields offered by Geno to date. He will transmit excellent udder health and very good udder conformation making him an excellent choice for herds interested in high milk solids production. In addition, he is excellent for heifer matings.

NR Skoien (252NR12222)

Skoien is one of the most exciting sires ever released by Geno. He has already generated much excitement in many markets even though he has just become available to global markets recently. He is likely the most remarkable sire produced by Geno to date. Skoien is a tremendous all-around sire with extraordinary fat and protein production (both high yields and percentages). He will sire outstanding udder conformation as well as excellent udder health and very good feet and legs (as well as hoof health). Skoien is very good for heifer matings, is A2A2 and his male offspring will have very good growth and beef characteristics. He will be popular in many markets, and he is an excellent fit for all intensively managed herds.

NR Smenes-P (252NR12265)

Smenes-P is another excellent polled A2A2 sire with outstanding breeding values especially for fat and protein yields and conformation. Expect Smenes-P daughters to have outstanding fat and protein yields, outstanding udder conformation along with very good feet and legs. Smenes-P is also very good for udder health and will lower SCC. He will be popular, especially in herds that manage and breed for very high production levels. Conventional semen from Smenes-P is not recommended for heifer matings, but REDX can be an option.

NR Storlien-P (252NR12268)

Storlien-P is an excellent all-around sire that is polled and A2A2. He will transmit very good milk solids production, very good udder health, and excellent udder conformation. His daughters will have moderate stature but their udders will be high and tight. Expect his daughters to be very efficient (feed) and have very good feet and legs. In addition, Storlien-P is an excellent choice for heifer matings. He is an outstanding sire for herds looking for a very good all-around sire.

NR Lyngdal (252NR12274)

Lyngdal is an excellent overall sire with excellent fat and protein yields and especially high fat and protein percentages. He will sire very good udder conformation and very good feet and legs. He is A2A2 and is also excellent for heifer matings.

The next official genetic evaluations will be available on December 5, 2023.