Norwegian Red Tops the US Ayrshire and Red Breeds

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Norwegian Red bulls taking the top spots in Net Merit, Fluid Merit, and Cheese Merit indexes in the US.

With consolidated data and evaluation available from most countries, the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) in the US has recently released new indexes, confirming the breaking record's performance of Geno's Norwegian Red top bulls, Roen and Onstad-P.

The proof results provided by CDCB for the US total merit indexes are providing an important indication for both Geno as the breeding company and the global dairy industry in general. US CDCB offers proofs with Red bulls' largest groups of daughters, giving the best possible comparison between breeds.

Roen 11690 – The King of The Red Breeds

Dominating the three key indexes of Net Merit, Fluid Merit, and Cheese Merit indexes, Roen 11690 has outshined the competitive leading bulls and named King of the Red Breeds with the top spot in all categories, breaking the $1000 ceiling in both Net and Cheese Merits.

Roen's breeding values have increased over time as more daughters have been added to his proof, providing accurate breeding values the global dairy industry can trust. With excellent milk production scoring high on volume, kgs of fat and protein, and percentage of fat and protein, Roen continues to show outstanding results for stillbirths and very low calving difficulties, along with all the other benefits of the Norwegian Red breed: leading health, fertility, efficiency, and profitability

Roen also has a 7.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate score on the Ayrshire base which translates to a 10.0 for Daughter Pregnancy Rate on the Holstein base, reducing days open when mated to Holstein cows by 30-40 days, resulting in a much higher percentage of cows in early lactation and easier management.

Onstad-P 11819

Onstad-P 11819 is a worthy runner-up taking second place in the Net Merit and Cheese Merit, which has also broken the $1000 ceiling in the Cheese Merit index. In addition, three other top Norwegian sires, Meland-P 11826, Reitan 2 11033, and Horneman 11845, have taken top spots in the net merit index, confirming Norwegian Red's strong position in dominating the top rankings in the US Net Merit Index from December 2020.

Both Roen and Onstad-P are still alive and striving in production; for more information on both bulls, and many other top bulls by Norwegian Red, please contact your local distributor.

See the full index report here