12139 Aland PP

A unique combination: 100% polled, A2A2 beta casein & kappa casein BB

Top traits

  • Fertility
  • Calving
  • Feet and legs

12139 Aland PP is a bull with a well-balanced trait profile. He's excellent for fat and protein percentages, heifer matings and he is homozygous polled. Polled genetics are important to producers who wants to avoid dehorning their calves. The dehorning process can cause stress, and stress in calves can lead to poor health. 12139 Aland PP is available or will be available soon in most markets!

  • Outstanding production index, especially high on fat and protein percentages
  • A2A2 and BB for kappa casein
  • Low instances of stillbirths (direct)
  • A great choice for heifers with strong direct calving ease index