11863 Hammeren

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Daughter-proven bull with a very good trait profile!

Photo of 11863 Hammeren

Top traits

  • Udder

11863 Hammeren is fully daughter-proven, with 2263 daughters in milk in Norway (per 08.08.2021). He has an exceptional trait profile showing outstanding production, excellent health and superb udders. In addition to this, he is BB for kappa-casein as well, making him a great choice for cheese production! 

Proud breeder

His breeder, Reinert Kjølleberg, is a very proud farmer located in Lista, south of Norway. Reinert has delivered several bulls to Genos AI-station, the most recent being 11873 Hammeren.

Reinert_11863 Hammerens half sister.jpg

Reinert alongside 11863 Hammeren's half sister. Photo: Turi Nordengen/Geno

800 metres of beachline

The farm is located by the ocean, and with that comes around 800 meters of beachline. Most of the beachline is also part of his cattle pasture. The scenery is breathtaking, but whenever there's a storm, rocks from the ocean need to be cleaned out of the pasture. Around his property, he has used these rocks to make stone fences typical for the area. Reinert has done an impeccable job combining modern farming with a significant effort to preserve and convey the values in the cultural landscape.

A perfect fit for high-intensity herds

11863 gives daughter which will fit great with a high production herd. You can expect cows with great production and high solids. In addition to this, he gives moderate-sized daughters with wide chest width and deep body depth. As mentioned earlier, 11863 Hammeren's kappa-casein is BB. This makes him a perfect candidate for cheese production. The combination with BB gives an increase of 3-7% compared to the AA-combo.

Italy has been one of the markets where 11863 Hammeren has been popular and is still very demanded. We're getting very positive feedback from the Italian dairy farmers, describing his daughters as "medium-sized cows with a lot of strength, very high milk production even compared to top Holstein cows in the herd and very quick to get back in calf after calving".

Origin of name


Photo: Turi Nordengen/Geno

Pictured here is Hammeren, a bunker from World War 2 by the beach on Reinerts property. Usually, bulls are given the same name as the breeders last name, but because Reinert already had delivered several bulls named Kjølleberg he chose to go with a name connecting 11863 Hammeren to the farm and property.

Cow sired by 11863 Hammeren

11863 Hammeren_Daughter.jpg

Photo: Turi Nordengen/Geno

Pure Norwegian Red cow sired by 11863 Hammeren in her first lactation. Producing very well with excellent fat and protein percentages.