Norwegian Red’s 12027 Storflor & sons

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Winner of the “Export Prize” - the most popular Norwegian Red sire sold internationally in 2020, 12027 Storflor is a high-demand bull, with an excellent trait profile.

Photo of Norwegian Red bull 12027 Storflor
12027 Storflor’s pedigree combines 11819 Onstad and 11078 Gopollen, popular daughter-proven bulls that have produced great daughters both in Norway and internationally when used on Holstein cows. Photo: Jan Arve Kristiansen

12027 Storflor has many strengths making him a perfect sire for dairy farmers who are undertaking crossbreeding worldwide.  He has high component percentages and yields, excellent mastitis resistance and fertility, gives excellent udders, is very good for heifers matings, and in addition to that, his beta-casein is A2A2. His daughters are expected to have a wide chest, a great body depth, wide rumps with a correct angle. His index for claw health is also very positive, which means farmers should expect low lameness frequency from Storflor’s daughters.

Storflor’s pedigree combines 11819 Onstad and 11078 Gopollen, popular daughter-proven bulls that have produced great daughters both in Norway and internationally when used on Holstein cows. His indexes for milking speed and temperament are also very positive. As said, Storflor's profile has plenty of good reasons to make him so high on demand.

“Storflor is expected to become a “daughter proven” sire by the end of 2022. His first daughters will start calving in Norway in the spring with most of them calving in the next summer. We are excited to see how they will perform, and we are very confident that they will meet farmers' lofty expectations,” expressed Håvard Tajet, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Geno.

His breeders, Karoline and Odd Magne Storflor are currently managing their farm in Trøndelag, Norway. Karoline and Odd Magne have successfully improved their herd’s genetic gains and over the years have delivered several sires and heifers to Geno’s testing- and AI station for commercial use.

Photo of Kilnes farm in Trøndelag, NorwayKilnes farm in Trøndelag, Norway. Photo: Kilnes gård.
Photo of Karoline and Odd Magne Storflor 
Karoline and Odd Magne Storflor. Photo: Ann-Margit Lerfald

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Storflor’s sons will be available in the international market in 2022

Exciting news for Geno’s global distributor partners and dairy farmers globally, with several top sons of Storflor to be available in the international market in 2022.

12202 Hasselberg-P
Pedigree: 12027 Storflor x 11690 Roen x 10965 Sandstad

Exceedingly high milk and components yields, excellent udder health and fertility, very easy calving, great udders, and feet & legs. A2A2. Polled (Pp).

12202 NR Hasselberg-P500.jpg
12202 NR Hasselberg-P. Photo: Jan Arve Kristiansen

12206 Raset
Pedigree: 12027 Storflor x 11876 Alm x 10923 Prestangen

Very high components, both yields, and %. Excellent mastitis resistance and claw health. High fertility. Robust medium size cows. His dam (sired by 11876 Alm) ended her 2nd lactation with 12.186 Kg milk produced (305d) at 4.36% fat and 3.62% protein. A2A2.

12196 NR Duva-P
Pedigree: 12027 Storflor x 11858 Vesterdal x 11674 Stene

Excellent milk yield and fat & protein. Easy calving, great for all health traits, cows with great temper and milking speed. Adds strength to his daughters. Good udders. A2A2. Polled (Pp).

12196 NR Duva-P500.jpg
12196 NR Duva-P. Photo: Jan Arve Kristiansen

12218 Grimeland
Pedigree: 12027 Storflor x 11881 Pollestad x 11556 Olterud

Top for milk production with very high fat & protein yields and %. Very low cell counts and high mastitis resistance. Very good udder conformation with great attachments, an excellent set of feet & legs. Easy calving. A2A2.

12222 Skoien
Pedigree: 12027 Storflor x 11876 Alm x 11078 Gopollen

This excellent Storflor’s son is, at present, by far the highest Norwegian Red bull in the domestic rank based on TMI (Total Merit Index).  He combines the best of the genetics of his great pedigree: high milk yield, great conformation, superb health, and fertility. Extremely easy calving, he is a great option for heifers. Udder conformation and feet & legs traits are much above the breed average. A2A2. A real total improver! His dam is a great daughter of 11876 Alm that ended her 1st lactation with 8.436 Kg milk produced (305d) at 4.50% fat % 3.66% protein.

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