New Norwegian Red bulls scored for aAa analysis

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Geno has recently conducted aAa analysis with aAa Weeks for Geno’s top 20 bulls stationed in Store Ree, Norway.

Photo of Norwegian Red bull 11690 Roen
aAa score of the popular Norwegian Red sire Roen (11690) is 516342. Photo: Jan Arve Kristiansen

With the fast-growing influence of technology in animal breeding, the aAa analysis remains an important decision-making factor for farmers to manage their herd in some markets.

aAa analysis

According to aAa Week’s Jan Schilder, the aAa analysis tells the farmer what any individual bull brings to mating, and what each cow needs in a mating. Farmers are choosing bulls by different criteria – evaluation, pedigree, and other information – then they use them according to their aAa numbers.

The aAa analyzers study all body parts of an animal and how they function together, then describe the animal using aAa numbers. The numbers are written from left to right for a bull in order of what he brings to mating and for a cow in order of what she needs the bull to bring. Farmers use this information to make matings between bulls and the cows they can work best on.

List of Norwegian Red bulls that have completed the aAa analysis in October 2021:

More variations

The aAa Week analysis on Norwegian Red bulls from October 2021 found that there is more variation in scores compared to the previous analysis. This is beneficial for farmers who need variation in the bulls they use because the cows in most herds have a variety of different aAa numbers.

For more information on the aAa bulls from Norwegian Red, please contact Gary Rogers, Geno's Technical Advisor at

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