Geno Opens New Bull Station, Store Ree

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Geno Celebrates Historic Milestone with the Opening of New Bull Station - Store Ree

Geno proudly announces the official opening of its new bull barn, Store Ree, marking a significant milestone for the company. The ceremony, held on Friday, 19 January 2024 was attended by nearly 500 guests, including partners, customers, owners, colleagues, and neighbors.

The newly inaugurated bull barn spans 4200 square meters, representing a historic achievement for Geno and the cattle breeding industry. Constructed for NOK 60 million, the facility is designed to enhance animal welfare, improve health and safety standards for breeders, and increase production capacity.

Store Ree's new features

The Store Ree bull barn, standing over four meters tall, utilizes over 1,300 cubic meters of concrete and nearly 1,000 posts and partitions.

The facility accommodates individual pens for 107 bulls and includes a display room for 40 visitors. The design not only enhances animal welfare but also reduces the need for bull transportation, promoting better health, safety, and environmental standards for breeders.

The bull barn features individual pens for each bull. Photo: Turi Nordengen

Commitment to breeding for a better life

In his address, Vegard Smenes, Chairman of the board of Geno, emphasized the essential role of genetics and breeding in shaping the future of food production. He highlighted the positive impact the new bull barn would have on employees, farmers, and animals.

Geno's investment in the new bull barn aligns with its commitment to breeding for a better life. The facility is poised to accelerate breeding progress and provide a more efficient animal flow, ensuring continued success in the years ahead.