Geno Launches NrfTwin Project

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Geno Launches NrfTwin Project to Advance Sustainable Breeding Practices for Norwegian Red Dairy Cattle

The NrfTwin project by Geno is set to revolutionize the Norwegian Red dairy cattle breeding program. Photo: Turi Nordengen

In the pursuit of advancing sustainable breeding practices for Norwegian Red dairy cattle, Geno embarks on the NrfTwin project. With a total project investment value of around 1 million EUR, half funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the other half provided by Geno, the NrfTwin project is set to revolutionize the Norwegian Red dairy cattle breeding program.

Scheduled to conclude in March 2028, the project will involve collaboration with researchers from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and The Roslin Institute.

“The primary objective of the NrfTwin project is to optimize the Norwegian Red dairy cattle breeding program through the integration of NrfTwin, a digital twin simulation platform. This aims to achieve sustainable advancements in genetic gain while maintaining the integrity of the national herd's genetics.” - Janez Jenko, project leader from the Research & Development team at Geno

The project will focus on enhancing efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of Norwegian Red cattle by improving feed efficiency and methane emission reduction. Additionally, it will refine reproductive and genomic technologies and explore the benefits of integrating purebreds and crossbreds.

The NrfTwin project's positive impacts are expected to benefit society by promoting increased resource efficiency, minimizing environmental impact, enhancing profitability for farmers, and fostering knowledge dissemination.

The project represents Geno's continued commitment to innovation and excellence in the dairy cattle breeding industry. Geno looks forward to embarking on this transformative journey toward a more sustainable and efficient future for Norwegian Red dairy cattle breeding.