Welcome to our new website

Time to read: ca 3 min

The new website release is part of Geno’s continuous ambition to connect and engage with the dairy industry partners and progressive farmers in the transformative digital era, globally.

Welcome to our new international website for the Norwegian Red dairy breed. The newly refreshed website has been created as an innovative and proactive communication channel that will put Geno closer to its engaging base of global partners, customers, and dairy producers, by keeping them up to date about important company information, innovations, and product & solutions.

"Our new website has been designed carefully based on our findings on what is important to our customers when it comes to getting easy access to relevant information from us and around innovative breeding solutions with Norwegian Red."

“Over the last ten years since Geno started distributing Norwegian Red genetics internationally, we have seen a dramatic increase in export demand globally, thanks to our focus on supplying only the healthiest and most fertile dairy cattle genetics to help dairy producers from across the globe improve their farm’s profitability and sustainability.

Our new website has been designed carefully based on our findings on what is important to our customers to get easy access to relevant information around innovative breeding solutions with Norwegian Red. And as we listen and understand their voices, we are delighted to further connect and engage with our industry partners and progressive dairy farmers through our new website, a ground-breaking digital platform that has been created with and for them.” expressed Kate Stai, Geno’s Chief Commercial Officer.

New features

Several new features have been added to the new website to make the platform, even more user-friendly. With easy access to relevant information including an improved Sire Catalogue, Bull highlights, engaging articles, informative updates on products & solutions, and inspiring stories highlighting Geno’s team of experts and the work behind their continuous innovations.

“As we launch of our new website, we also want our partners and customers to know that we still have so much more to share. As we pursue to strive in the digital era, especially all through the unprecedented global pandemic in the past years, this only means that we will remain active in improving and advancing our work and strategy to engage with our customers digitally and in a transformative way. A few other cutting-edge features will be introduced soon as part of our digital platform improvement project, and that includes introducing Geno’s very own international breeding plan”, says Kristin Malonæs, Geno’s CEO.

Digital transformation strategy

The launch of norwegianred.com is a part of Geno’s global digital transformation strategy, which includes the first project of geno.no website revamp that was completed in November 2020.  With the launch of Geno’s local website, geno.no, which has been well received by Geno’s local partners, stakeholders, and customers in the home ground, Norway, the two new websites have also unveiled a new brand identity for Geno and Norwegian Red. Visitors will notice refreshed logos, new color tones including green as Geno’s sustainability and green focus identity, and an uncomplicated tone of voice that has been formulated to be more relevant and fresher to today’s progressive dairy farming industry.