The April 2024 Proof Run Update

Time to read: ca 4 min

April 2024 breeding values are now published and highlighting numerous exceptional Norwegian Red sires available in the global market.

NR Stokkeneset-PP (252NR12318) is a popular sire especially where polled is important.

By Gary W. Rogers

April 2024 genetic evaluations for Norwegian Red (NR) are now available.  April genetic evaluations were calculated using the same models as those used in December 2023.  No important changes were made to the genetic evaluation models for this proof round, but many more genotypes and phenotypic records have been added since 2023.

Genomic breeding values (BV) continue to have impressive accuracy as the new daughter-proven sires have BV very similar to their BV predicted only based on genomics.  Look for an upcoming Geno/Norwegian Red webinar on the topic of the accuracy of genomic BV.  The upcoming webinar will provide updated details on the accuracy and lack of bias in NR genomic BV. Customers should have a lot of confidence in the current NR genomic BV and customers can be assured that using currently available genomically selected NR sires will provide outstanding genetic progress in their herds.

Norwegian Red Sires available to global markets

Geno continues to add outstanding NR sires to the available list for global markets.  Several recent sires have tremendous breeding values for key production traits as well as excellent breeding values for udder conformation and other important traits.  Customers should check with their local distributor or check with Geno to get a full list of available bulls.

These are five exceptional NR sires that are now available in various global markets:


NR Elgane-P-ET (252NR12322)

Elgan-P-ET is an excellent all-around sire with outstanding fat and protein yields as well as very good fat and protein percentages.  Elgane-P-ET will also sire very good udder conformation that is especially important for high-production herds.  He is polled (Pp), A2A2, and can be used for heifer matings.  His male offspring will have outstanding growth and muscle shape so he is an excellent choice for intensively managed herds that desire high-value male calves for subsequent beef production.  Elgane-P-ET was just added to the list of sires available to global markets and he has already garnered a lot of interest in some markets.

NR Innistu (252NR12323)

Innistu is another high-production sire mainly for intensively managed herds.  Innistu is extremely high for milk, fat and protein production.  His daughters will be small to moderate in size (smaller than average NR) so his daughters should be outstanding for feed efficiency.  In addition, he will sire very good udder conformation.  Innistu can be used on maiden heifers.  He is new to the global lineup so customers should take a careful look at Innistu as he especially can be useful to herds that manage for very high production.

NR Lie (252NR12241)

Lie is an excellent all-around sire that has increased in popularity since he was first released in the global markets.  Lie will sire outstanding fat and protein percentages as well as very good fat and protein yields.  Lie daughters will have excellent udder conformation with high udders and moderate stature.  Lie daughters will also have very good udder health and very good fertility.  He should be used cautiously on maiden heifers.  Lie is black and white (red carrier) so he will sire a high percentage of black calves in most crossbreeding situations.  His male calves will grow quickly and finish well so he brings added beef value to programs that use him.

NR Muri-P (252NR12297)

Muri-P is an outstanding sire, especially for herds that manage for high production.  Muri-P is the highest sire for milk, fat and protein production released globally by Geno to date.  He will sire outstanding udder health and very good udder conformation.  He will also sire very good feet and legs and improve claw health.  Muri-P daughters will be smaller in body weight compared to average NR, users will see outstanding feed efficiency in Muri-P daughters.  Muri-P should be used cautiously on maiden heifers.  He is heterozygous polled and A2A2.  Muri-P is a great sire especially for intensively managed herds.

NR Stokkeneset-PP (252NR12318)

Stokkeneset-PP is a homozygous polled (PP) sire that will transmit very good fat and protein yields as well as very good udder health and udder conformation.  Overall he has a well-balanced trait profile that makes him suitable for almost any mating.   He is already gaining popularity where homozygous polled is important.  He is A2A2 and can be used on maiden heifers.  Customers that use homozygous polled sires should take a close look at Stokkeneset-PP for their herds.

The next official genetic evaluations will be available on August 13, 2024.