Proper use of SpermVital delivers excellent results

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The idea behind the SpermVital semen is to prolong the life of the sperm after insemination and thus create a larger window for insemination. By utilizing this property in the best possible way, you will also reap clear benefits.

Photo of straws in liquid nitrogen
Photo: Eirik Jeistad

It is well known that the time of ovulation in the cow varies somewhat in relation to the classic oestrus symptoms. Some ovulate early and others late. Traditionally, this challenge has been solved by inseminating two consecutive days (double insemination). However, this is both expensive and labor-intensive.

The best way to tackle the problem is to inseminate early with SpermVital semen and have fresh sperm present throughout the rut. Both scientific studies and practical experience show that early insemination with SpermVital gives as good a pregnancy as double insemination with ordinary semen doses.

VikingGenetics uses SpermVital

SpermVital technology is constantly gaining new and satisfied cattle producers as customers. In recent years, we have seen that Finnish farmers have opened their eyes to revolutionary Norwegian technology. So far, the Finns have used Norwegian NRF genetics on the red breeds and Spanish or Swiss genetics when they have wanted to use SpermVital semen from other breeds. In 2021, they will also have access to Viking genetics with SpermVital.

Good results in Austria

The Austrian breeding company Genostar has collected data regarding the use of SpermVital. The company has analyzed figures from 32 herds who have used SpermVital frequently and have good routines for reporting breeding results.

The figures showed that SpermVital semen on average gave as good a pregnancy as ordinary semen, but there are also large differences.

From other markets, it is known that SpermVital is used in a different way than ordinary semen. The SpermVital semen is used to a greater extent where the farmer is unsure of the correct insemination time and also of problem cows. Therefore, a pregnancy rate equal to ordinary semen is a very good result for SpermVital!

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