Norwegian Red and Geno Celebrate the 85th Anniversary

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Today marks the 85th Anniversary of Geno SA and Norwegian Red, with 85 years of an inspiring journey since the company has been established by a group of passionate dairy producers on November 16, 1935, in Hedmark, Norway.

Photo of Norwegian Red heifer enjoying the sun lying down in the grass.
Photo: Eva Husaas

Challenging the traditional farming system, they laid a foundation for Geno with a solid ambition and went behind a new vision of breeding for better lives and developed a breeding system that emphasizes the importance of improving health and fertility for food-producing animals. Since then, Geno has been recognized within the global dairy industry for its prolific health and fertility breeding and genetic evaluation approach and for actively investing in self-innovation, technology, and research and development to produce the best genetics for dairy cows.

"As we celebrate this significant day, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our employees and business partners for their unceasing dedication and support over the past few years and for every milestone since 1935. Our core values will continue to highlight the importance of breeding for better lives, emphasizing our priorities to develop the most profitable and sustainable genetics for dairy farmers worldwide. " expresses Kristin Malonæs, CEO of Geno SA.

Geno and Norwegian Red

Geno SA has also since produced the Norwegian Red, a high-yielding dairy breed developed in Norway since the company was founded in 1935. Globally, Norwegian Red has been at the forefront of health and fertility traits due to the inclusions of health and fertility genetic evaluations in Geno's breeding program since the 1970s, which has also contributed to the low use of antibiotics in dairy cattle in Norway.

Today, in more than 30 countries, Geno has increased health, fertility, and component yields with its Norwegian Red breed, thereby giving dairy farmers more robust and profitable cows.

Company Key Facts:

  • Established in 1935
  • Co-operative owned by over 8,000 Norwegian dairy farmers
  • The breeding organization for Norwegian Red
  • Turnover over 40 million USD
  • 200,000 dairy cows in Norway and approximately 92% are Norwegian Red
  • Investment in R&D approx. 4.5 million USD/year
  • Semen exported to over 30 countries worldwide
  • Number of employees 229

To commemorate the company's milestone, we will share some updates highlighting Geno's success stories from the past 85 years on social media on our digital platform, so join our journey this week.