New Regional Sales Manager in Geno – Joshua Hoffmann

Time to read: ca 2 min

To strengthen Geno’s position in its key markets in the Americas, Geno has recently appointed Joshua (Josh) Hoffmann as Regional Sales Manager and brand representative based in the USA.

Joshua (Josh) Hoffmann standing in front of 3 Norwegian Red bulls
Joshua (Josh) Hoffmann is Geno's new Regional Sales Manager and brand representative based in the USA. Photo: Turi Nordengen

Josh’s key focus will be to continue to strengthen and promote Norwegian Red genetics and help develop Norwegian Red as the preferred crossbreeding solution in the Americas. In his new role, Josh will also be working closely with Geno’s local partners, dairy farmers, and producers in the region and offering them assistance to provide the best advice and solutions with Norwegian Red genetics.

“We are delighted to welcome Josh as a new team member of Geno and Norwegian Red. With his broad experience managing large dairy herds in the US, Josh is also bringing years of experience and networks from working closely with both dairy farmers and genetics providers in the region."  – Kate Stai, Chief Commercial Officer of Geno SA

"Josh’s progressive and prolific approach to crossbreeding strategies to improve herd performance including with Norwegian Red genetics, has made him the perfect brand advocate that can help influence the market to take advantage of the excellent performance of Norwegian Red genetics and, ultimately, the benefit of crossbreeding with Norwegian Red," expresses Kate Stai, Chief Commercial Officer of Geno SA.

Introduced Norwegian Red in his herd in 2013

Josh is also no stranger to Geno as he has been on the client side since 2013 when he started introducing crossbreeding with Norwegian Red to the herd he manages for many years, since then, he has been actively monitoring the genetic progress of the Norwegian Red crosses.

“I believe that the Norwegian Red genetics has become an important part of the dairy and organic milk production in the USA, this is due to the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable dairy products from consumers. Looking into the dairy farmers' perspectives, it is critical to adapt to these demands while maintaining efficiency and profitability. From my experience introducing Norwegian Red crosses for many years, I have seen significant results in reducing costs, staying efficient and competitive in a tough and demanding market” – Josh Hoffmann.

Organic milk with Norwegian Red crossbreds

In 2008, Josh was working as Breeder for ABS Global, and prior to joining Geno, Josh was successfully managing one of the USA's, and perhaps the world's largest productions of organic milk with Norwegian Red crossbreds, bringing with him years of experience in cattle breeding, herd management, and reproduction management. Josh holds two bachelor’s degrees in Dairy Science and Animal Sciences from Texas A&M University.