Geno and Hybrid Genetics enter partnership

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Geno has signed a partnership distribution agreement with Hybrid Genetics, to supply Norwegian Red genetics in Germany and Austria.

Photo of Diego Galli and Udo Carsensen.
Geno's Regional Sales Manager, EMEA, Diego Galli and Hybrid Genetics's Founder & Owner, Udo Carstensen confirm distributor partnership for Norwegian Red genetics in Germany and Austria. Photo: Els Olsen

Anticipating the growing demand for more sustainable dairy genetics in Germany and Austria, Geno has recently signed a partnership distribution agreement with Hybrid Genetics to supply Norwegian Red genetics and strengthen Norwegian Red genetics position in two key countries, Germany and Austria.

"We are delighted to begin our partnership with Hybrid Genetics to further establish Norwegian Red genetics' strong position in Germany and add Austria to our portfolio. Norwegian Red genetics has already established its presence in Germany since entering the market in 2006 and has since been helping the country's progressive dairy farmers improve and achieve better performance for their herds through crossbreeding program with Norwegian Red, and we are excited to continue our work there." expresses Kate Stai, the Chief Executive Officer of Geno Global.

The largest number of dairy cows in Europe

With around 4 million dairy cows, the biggest number of dairy cows in Europe, Germany remains one of the key markets for Geno and its Norwegian Red breed, showing the strong swift in the dairy sectors demanding dairy farmers and producers to join the growing concern around costs, efficiency, health, and sustainability.

"With our shared vision of breeding for better lives, we strongly believe that our new cooperation with Hybrid Genetics will help meet the demand of progressive dairy farmers in Germany and Austria to take advantage of the benefits of crossbreeding with Norwegian Red genetics that will help them meet the market demand for a healthier, sustainable, and profitable dairy cow." added Stai

Norwegian Red in high demand

Hybrid Genetics is pursuing the goal of bringing economically excellent dairy cows into the herds. For this, the markets need the best breed combinations and the best bulls of these breeds.

"With the Norwegian Red genetics from Geno, we are expanding our portfolio with a breed that is already in high demand from us. Above all, the need to increase health and fertility, to be able to offer purebred polled red cattle bulls, as well as to take the size pressure out of the herds, have prompted us to seek a partnership with Geno. Hybrid Genetics sees not only potential for Norwegian Red in the classic three-breed cross with Montbéliarde, Red, and Holstein Friesian, but also as a crossing partner for Jersey and Jersey crossbreeds in addition to pure red cattle farms. Together with Geno, we will not only further expand our knowledge leadership in crossbreeding but also serve other market segments. Geno would certainly be in better hands in Germany and Austria than with Hybrid Genetics," says Udo Carstensen, founder, and owner of Hybrid Genetics.

Wide range of different production systems

Germany has a wide range of different production systems, from small family-operated farms to large-scale operations with thousands of cows, from grazing herds to herds where cows are housed all year round with a high-input-high output concept.

"With Geno's success in the other markets, we are confident that dairy farmers in Germany will benefit from crossbreeding with Norwegian Red considering the system they have in place. In addition, Germany has also shown a strong need for polled genetics which will fit well with what Norwegian Red can offer. Norwegian Red is the leading dairy breed for polled genetics, with a large offer of top-ranking polled sires." says Diego Galli, Regional Sales Manager, EMEA for Geno Global.

Healthy, sustainable crossbreeding programs

Hybrid Genetics' proven success will not only help Geno facilitate and supply the demand for Norwegian Red genetics in the markets, but at the same time, build our shared voices to advocate healthier, more effective, and sustainable crossbreeding breeding programs for progressive dairy farmers in the two countries.

The partnership will commence in November 2022 with select semen from top Norwegian Red bulls already available in the market for farmers to order.

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About Hybrid Genetics

Hybrid Genetics from Janneby in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany was founded in summer 2019 by Udo Carstensen. The company exclusively serves dairy farms that want to take advantage of crossbreeding. The strategic mating/crossing of Holstein-Friesian, Montbéliarde and Red results in the scientifically proven economically excellent dairy cow. Hybrid Genetics reaches new customers in Germany and Austria primarily through its own YouTube channel.

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