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Joshua Hoffmann, Geno’s Regional Sales Manager - Americas, has received an honorary mention in the ‘Most influential people in dairy’ list, issued by Progressive Dairy publication in the US.

Picture of Josh Hoffmann
Joshua Hoffmann, Geno's Regional Sales Manager - Americas. Photo: Turi Nordengen.

We are delighted to announce that Joshua Hoffmann, Geno’s Regional Sales Manager - Americas has received an honorary mention in the ‘Most influential people in dairy’ list, issued by Progressive Dairy publication in the US.

Progressive Dairy and its readers are recognizing individuals who are continuously making an impact in the dairy industry, by combining both their knowledge and passion, with their impact calculated not in numbers but measured in the effect they have in the personal and professional lives of others.

Ambassador for progressive dairy farmers

In May 2022, Joshua Hoffmann (Josh) was appointed as Regional Sales Manager for the Americas for Geno, the dairy breeding organization for Norwegian Red. Since taking over his new position in Geno, Josh has been a critical part of the company, for showing excellent qualities and a deep passion for dairy. Josh is now not only influential for Geno to drive its global strategy, but also the perfect ambassador for progressive dairy farmers.

Leadership quality

Josh brings more than fifteen years of experience in dairy cattle breeding, herd management, and reproduction management. Due to the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable dairy products from consumers, over the years, Josh has been tirelessly advocating for healthier and more robust genetics as an important part of dairy and milk production in the USA.

With his extensive experience, many have praised Josh for his leadership and management skills, making him an influential persona not only for his team but also for his colleagues within Geno.

Commitment to Sustainability through relationship building

Respected by his industry peers, Josh enjoys sharing his experience and insights from managing large-scale dairy. His love and commitment to dairy are clearly shown by his tireless work as he spends his time meeting with dairy producers around the world to help push dairy producers to think about the work that needs to be done together for the future. Josh’s prolific approach to crossbreeding strategies to improve herd performance has made him the perfect brand advocate not only for Geno but also for all progressive dairy farmers globally.

His goal has always been clear: to help influence the industry and discuss the importance of selecting the best genetics that fits the market, consumer, and future demands.

Read the article and the complete list here, and congratulations to all the influencers and Josh on this excellent achievement!