Grazing index and High Production index

Geno has developed two additional indexes to help choose Norwegian Red sires for specific herd types. These are the high production index and the grazing index.

Photo of a grazing Norwegian Red crossbred cow in Ireland.
Norwegian Red 2nd lactation cow sired by 11819 Onstad-P, bred and owned by Timpelen Ku. Photo: Els Korsten

The official Norwegian Red (NR) Total Merit Index (TMI) is an outstanding overall index that should be used to select NR sires for use with the NR population. This is the main purpose of the NR TMI. However, the NR TMI might not be the best index for selecting NR sires for crossbreeding in many herds around the world.

Geno has developed two additional indexes designed to help herds choose NR sires for specific herd types. These two indexes rank bulls different compared to the NR TMI and the indexes might be more suitable than the TMI for herds with economic and management circumstances that differ from what is found in Norway.

High Production and Grazing index

The High Production index is designed for high production herds that generally house and maintain cows in a confined setting where cows are few high energy rations without intake restrictions or limitations.

The grazing index is designed for herds that generally maintain cows on pasture for much of the year or manage cows with limited inputs. 

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