Daughter fertility

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Fertility has been included in the TMI since 1971. The daughter fertility index is 9 % of the TMI.

Daughter fertility index (9 % of TMI)

The Norwegian Red is likely the most fertile breed of dairy cattle in the world, due to sustained selection for increased fertility for over 50 years.

The fertility index was recently improved by replacing non-return rate with number of inseminations. Number of inseminations is biologically very similar to non-return rate, but it has more genetic variation since cows requiring more inseminations are penalized more heavily than cows with just one unsuccessful insemination.

Two traits for number of inseminations (cow and heifer) and calving to first insemination (CFI) are included in the daughter fertility index.

Traits Relative weight (%)
Number of inseminations, heifer 22.0
Number of inseminations, cow 45.0
Calving to first insemination (CFI) 33.0


Norwegian Dairy Herd Recording System

The Norwegian Dairy Herd Recording System is run by the national dairy co-operative owned by Norwegian dairy farmers, TINE. It is certified by ICARs Certificate of Quality (International Committee for Animal Recording).

Data is collected from almost all dairy farmers in Norway, and from a whole range of sources.

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