It's Simply MORE: Unveiling the Superior Performance of Norwegian Red

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Crossbred Norwegian Red X Holstein Cows Outperform Pure Holsteins in Comprehensive Study

We compared the performance of Pure Holstein cows with crossbred Norwegian Red X Holstein cows in a large US dairy farm that has been milking crosses for over 15 years.

Welcome to The Dairy Talk podcast by Norwegian Red. In light of our recent "It's Simply More" campaign, where we unveiled groundbreaking data on the advantages of crossbreeding Holsteins with Norwegian Red versus maintaining pure Holstein herds, this episode promises to be particularly insightful.

Hosting the discussion is Gary Rogers, Global Technical Advisor for Norwegian Red and Geno Global. He is joined by Joshua Hoffmann, Regional Manager at Geno Americas. Together, they delve into compelling data that supports our campaign's message, comparing the performance of Norwegian Red crossbreeds with pure Holsteins. Learn how these crossbreeds excel over their purebred counterparts and what this could mean for the future of dairy production.