The story behind Norwegian dairy farmers' revolutionary ambition to breeding for better lives.

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Listen in, and learn what the dairy farmers in Norway have focused on to revolutionize breeding for better health, fertility, profitability, and sustainable farming.

Photo from Geno podcast studio, from left: Trygve R. Solberg, Olav Østerås and Kate Stai.
From podcast studio, left to right: Trygve R. Solberg, Olav Østerås and Kate Stai.

This first episode was hosted by Kate Stai, Chief Commercial Officer, and Trygve R. Solberg, Product Manager and Technical Advisor for Geno, an innovative breeding organization based in Hamar, Norway.

Discussing the development and trends in dairy cattle farming in Norway, they were joined by Olav Østerås, Special Advisor within Dairy Health and Welfare at TINE, the Norwegian milk processing organization.

Olav has held many prestigious positions throughout his career, such as the Chief Veterinarian of the Norwegian Cattle Health Service, at the Norwegian Veterinary Institution, and also a Professor at the Norwegian School of Veterinarian Science for 16 years.

Listen to the episode here: