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2-way rotational crossbreeding program using Norwegian Red (NRF) and Holstein (H) breeds.

2 Plus NRF x H


Norwegian Red and Holstein breeds complement each other as the Holstein cow has been acknowledged as the dominant dairy breed for over 30 years due to her high milk production, while the Norwegian Red excels in calf viability, female fertility and disease resistance.


2 Plus

A line up of Norwegian Red x Holstein crossbred cows. Photo: Elly Geverink 


2 PLUS™ is a rotational crossbreeding system, whereby the Holstein and the NRF breeds are used alternately to produce the next generation. Thus, F1 heifers from NRF sires should be mated to purebred Holstein bulls; their progeny to NRF; the progeny of those to Holstein; and so on.


2+ will give:

  • Excellent fertility, calving ease and survival
  • Increased resistance to mastitis and other diseases
  • Great feet and legs
  • Similar solids production to Holsteins


2 Plus NRF x H diagram

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