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2+ Extra Fitness

2+ Extra Fitness

2-way rotational crossbreeding program using Norwegian Red and Holstein. Breeding the F1 cow (50% NRF x 50% H) to NRF and then alternating between NRF and Holstein.

2 plus extra fitness


Breeds used in 2+ Extra Fitness:

  • Norwegian Red (NRF): A high producing dairy breed from Norway. Developed for functionality and production. Superior for health and fertility.
  • Holstein (H): Most common dairy breed worldwide with very high production, excellent udders and type. 

2 Plus Extra Fitness

Holstein x Norwegian Red (NRF) cross in Holland. Photo: Elly Geverink


2+ Extra Fitness will give:

  • Extreme fertility, calving ease and survival
  • Increased resistance to mastitis and other diseases
  • Moderate size cow with great feet and legs
  • Similar solids production to Holsteins

2 Plus ekstra fitness diagram

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