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Reduce workload

Reduce workload

A crossbred cow that is more profitable and easier to manage than her purebred herd mates gives the commercial dairy farmer more income and leisure time. Better lives for farmers and cows!

Cows that are more trouble-free and efficient do more than make money. Crossbreeding results in less stress for the herd owner, his employees and the cows. There is less labor needed, resulting in easier calvings, better calf survival, significantly less use of antibiotics and improved animal welfare.

Functionality and robustness

Functionality and robustness has been a focus of Norwegian Red breeders for 75 years. The breed fits well into most crossbreeding programs and will give dairy farmers "a cow that works for them" – resulting in more free time and increased profit. Crossbred cows result in healthier cows, increased robustness and significantly increased fertility.

More polled calves

Another decrease in workload can be attained by birthing more polled calves. Currently approximately 40% of all Norwegian Red calves are born polled, resulting in less dehorning and better animal welfare.

Increased benefits of crossbreeding

Heterosis is a boost in performance (above the mean of the two breeds alone, given they are different in performance) created when two breeds are crossed. Research indicates that heterosis can especially improve low heritable traits such as fertility, health and survival, while decreasing or eliminating the negative effects of inbreeding depression.

More income and leisure time

Crossbreeding by definition involves mating of individuals from different breeds or lines to capitalize on the best attributes of two or more breeds. Commercial pig, beef and poultry production have relied on crossbreeding to improve fertility and disease resistance for decades.


An increasing number of commercial milk producers worldwide are experiencing the same benefits as commercial pig, beef and poultry with dairy crossbreeding. The Norwegian Red is an excellent breed to reduce workload and stress while increasing profits on any size of dairy herd.

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