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Videos of Norwegian Red

Videos of Norwegian Red in dairy herds

Videos of Norwegian Red in dairy herds around the globe.


Iowa dairy farmer and veterinarian, Dave Duitscher, talks about his experiences with Norwegian Red crossbreds. Dave milks 1,000 cows with 60% crossbreds. Crossbreeding gives us “better reproduction, easier calving ease and just cows that we really don’t have to mess with a lot.” 




Three Jersey x (Norwegian Red x Holstein) and 3 Norwegian Red x (Jersey x Holsteins) cows are featured in the below video. Owner Dave Duitscher calls these his favorite 3-way cross because "they milk really well, they have really good health traits and their reproduction is excellent." A Norwegian Red x Holstein cross is also featured.





1) A herd of Norwegian Red x Holstein crossbreds at Bideford Devon, UK. Farmer Ross Heddon, Barton Farm milks 200 cows on a grass-based system. He is aiming at very tight calving pattern so fertility is very important, therefore, he has chosen to use Norwegian Red for crossbreeding.




2) Richard Knapman, Shilstone UK, farms 360 acres and milks 160 Norwegian Red crossbred cows. His average production is 9,000 liters. He will be going a 3-way cross with Holstein x Norwegian Red x Fleckvieh.




Interview with Dutch dairy farmer Henk Schoonvelde. Henk talks about dairy farming in Holland and why he uses crossbred cows. He milks 260 cows and uses a 3-way cross of Norwegian Red, Fleckvieh and Holstein.




Dairy farmer Tom Dunne talks about his experience with the Norwegian Red in his Irish grass-based system.




Jim Griggs, Sales Manager from ABS Global, USA visiting a purebred Norwegian Red dairy herd in Norway.



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