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Son of legendary Norwegian Red sire Braut follows in his father’s footsteps

Son of legendary Norwegian Red sire Braut follows in his father’s footsteps

Braut has long been a legendary Norwegian Red sire, with unprecedented popularity both within Norway and around the world. Now that he has officially retired his son 11078 Gopollen is taking the lead – both in daughter performance and doses of semen sold.

In fact, Gopollen has been so popular within his home nation that his semen is exclusively sold outside of the country to avoid inbreeding within the Norwegian Red nucleus. And it's not hard to see why. Gopollen has over 200 daughters with production data.


Let's take a look at their impressive characteristics:

  • outstanding udder conformation
  • excellent daughter fertility (number of returns, calving to first insemination)
  • excellent production traits (milk volume, protein, fat and milking speed)
  • very good health traits (low instances of clinical mastitis and low somatic cell counts)
  • excellent legs and good hoof health
  • excellent temperament

With such a well-balanced trait profile, it's difficult to find any traits where Gopollen is lacking. Such a sire works well in all farming conditions and is a great choice for heifers.


Read Gopollen's full proof sheet in our sire catalogue


Picture of a Purebred Gopollen daughter.

Purebred Gopollen daughter. Photo: Elisabeth Theodorsson.

Next generation of Gopollen sons are already in use in Norway

Two top Gopollen sons already being used in Norway are 11878 Kvam and 11881 Pollestad. Both of these genomic sires carry on the excellent trait profile of their father and surpass him in milk production traits. Notably, Pollestad is higher than his brother for production and Kvam rates very high for beef characteristics of male offspring. Both will sire small to moderate sized cows with tremendous health and udders, legs and calving ease.


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