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The history of 10177 Braut

The history of 10177 Braut

The Norwegian Red bull 10177 Braut, from breeders Torbjørg and Ommun Braut, is a very special bull for Geno and the Norwegian Red breed. In many ways, Braut symbolizes the Norwegian Red's international breakthrough.

10177 Braut was born at Bryne, Jæren Norway on the 23rd of August 2002. More than 450,000 doses of Braut semen have been sold, 63,000 of which have been sold in Norway. Braut has been sold in almost 30 countries worldwide with total sales of $2.7 million.


10177 Braut

14-year-old Braut at Hallsteingård, Norway. Photo: Amanda Koen

Elite sire in Norway from 2008

10177 Braut became an elite sire in Norway after his first progeny test in 2008. He immediately rose to the top of the list with a TMI of 22. Among his top traits were milk production, beef characteristics (of male offspring), temperament, legs, calving ease and stillbirths. Braut had elite bull status in Norway only until January 2010 when he had produced the maximum doses allowed for elite bulls, a measure that keeps inbreeding at a very low level in the Norwegian Red breed.

Award winning bull

In 2009 Braut's breeders won three prizes in Norway for the 2nd best bull born in 2002, Nortura's (Norway's leading supplier of meat and eggs) meat prize for best Norwegian Red bull of the year for beef and Geno's export prize of 2008.


Braut received Geno's export prize in Norway six times - - in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016. He has been particularly popular in the Netherlands.


During a presentation at Geno's (Norwegian Red) annual meeting in 2015, Hans Kerkhof, (CEO of Xsires at the time) described Braut as "The Legend," as sales of Braut had reached 73,000 doses in Holland. Braut's success, Hans explained, is "that customers know what they will get when they use Braut in their herd." His popularity is due to how the traits that he transmits complement characteristics of Holsteins. Indeed, a majority of Norwegian Red bulls are "Braut-like" and when used in crossbreeding moderate size and increase economically important traits such as fertility, component production, calving ease, resistance to mastitis, transition and claw (hoof) diseases.


In 2016, Braut shared the export prize with his son, 11078 Gopollen, who is currently among the top-selling bulls world-wide. The Dairy Crossbred Blog, with contributors and readers all over the world, voted Braut "The Bull of the Year" in both 2013 and 2015.


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In 2013, Braut was almost culled due to a decline in his semen production. A decision was made to move Braut from Geno's main AI station (Store Ree), to the northern AI station, Hallsteingård in Trondheim. The change of environment proved to be a success as Braut started to produce semen again, and has done so up until the beginning of 2017. In the fall of 2017, Braut will go on a tour of Norway and attend different agricultural events, together with his colleague and friend 10617 Skei and his manager through many years, Harald Kleiva.


10177 Braut together with his colleague and friend, 10617 Skei. Photo: Harald Kleiva

10177 Braut together with his colleague and friend, 10617 Skei. Photo: Harald Kleiva


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