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Research and development

Research and development

Genos research and development (R&D) group is responsible for research to improve the breeding program and reproduction of Norwegian Red.

The two main aims for the group is to improve the breeding program and reproduction of Norwegian Red. Improving the breeding program implies new and better technology, improving statistical models, and including new and improved phenotypes in the routine genetic evaluation.


The group is located at the head office of Geno in Hamar, the Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and Tine SA Dairy Herd Recording System in Ås.


The group consists of researchers holding a master degree or PhD in genetics, bioinformatics, physics, system biology and veterinary medicine.


Current projects

The main projects are implementation of embryo transfer technology to the breeding program and improve the utilization of genotype information in the routine genetic evaluation. Moreover, the possibilities for selection of new traits using genomic selection (e.g. feed efficiency) and utilization of new phenotypic records from automatic milking systems and activity measures are areas of focus.

Cooperation with other institutions

Geno is involved in research programs involving animal breeding, quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, reproduction and biotechnology in close cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, as well as other Norwegian and international universities, AI companies and research institutes.


Geno's investment in research and development has resulted in several biotechnology companies where Geno has full or partial ownership, such as SpermVital and CryoGenetics.

Scientific papers and presentations

Scientific papers and presentations published by Genos researchers in cooperation with universities and other institutions: 



Contact us

Geno Global Ltd.
Storhamargata 44,
N-2317 Hamar, Norway
Phone: +47 950 20 600
VAT Reg. 985194378

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