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Research and development

Research and development

Geno is involved in research programs involving animal breeding, quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, reproduction and biotechnology in close cooperation with Norwegian universities, other research organizations and AI companies as well as international universities and research institutes.

Geno's investment in research and development has resulted in several biotechnology companies where Geno has full or partial ownership. 


The R&D department in Geno consists of scientists with a PhD in animal breeding and genetics, mathematics, statistics and/or veterinarian science.

Genomic selection

The R&D group is currently involved in several projects related to genomics (genomic selection). These projects cover improvement of existing methodologies for calculating GEBV's, imputation between different SNP-panels, optimization of current reference base by using whole genome sequence data and the possibilities for selecting for new traits using genomics (e.g. feed efficiency and utilization of data from milking robots). These projects are in collaboration with other Norwegian breeding companies, universities in Norway and Europe/USA and other SME's (e.g. EU project Gene2Farm).

Routine genetic evaluation

The R&D department is also involved in research related to routine genetic evaluation, such as improvement of existing methods for calculation of EBV's and new improved phenotypes (increased data quality and new records from AMS). Fertility, reproduction and research related to both female and male fertility is also part of Geno's R&D activity.

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Geno Global Ltd.
Storhamargata 44,
N-2317 Hamar, Norway
Phone: +47 950 20 600
VAT Reg. 985194378

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