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Norwegian Red BULLetin

Norwegian Red BULLetin

Norwegian Red BULLetin Issue 18 focuses on the successful breeding for health and fertility in the Norwegian Red breed.

The Norwegian Red is the only breed in the world with a positive genetic trend for fertility and health traits simultaneously with very good performance in production. Just as important is the breed's other advantages, like longevity, easy calving and polledness.


This issue of BULLetin gives you articles about new technological methods in future breeding, about genomic selection in the Norwegian Red Breeding program as well as farm reports from United States, UK,  Ireland and Israel. You will also find an interesting article about selection for stature - taller is no longer better.


Click on the image below to open and read the whole issue.


When opened you will also find an archive with all issues of the Norwegian Red BULLetin.


Norwegian Red BULLetin Issue 18:


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