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Procedure for optimal thawing of semen

Based on previous studies, Geno recommend the following procedure for optimal thawing of semen: 

      1. Firstly, AI-tank must contain sufficient amounts of nitrogen at all times. Spermatozoal death occurs rapidly when exposed to temperatures above -130⁰C (-270⁰F).
      2. Do not elevate cylinder in AI-tank above 5cm (2in) of tank opening. Spermatozoal damage occurs rapidly when exposed to temperatures above -130⁰C (-270⁰F).
      3. Correct temperature interval for thawing is 36-38⁰C (97-100⁰F). Check the thermometer frequently. Thawing temperatures deviating from the recommended interval will lead to a reduced number of surviving spermatozoa.
      4. Ensure that thermostat-regulated thermoses are pre-adjusted to 37⁰C (98,5⁰F).


        Thaw semen in a thermos for approximately one minute and inseminate as soon as possible. 


      5. When thawing in a goblet (most common in non-thermostat thermoses), no more than three straws should be thawed simultaneously.
      6. Avoid drop in semen temperature after loading AI-gun:
        1. Preheat AI-gun to approximately body temperature by rubbing.
        2. Dry of thawed straw with clean paper towel.
        3. Protect loaded AI-gun from cold environment by using for instance a gun-heater.
        4. Perform AI as soon as possible after loading gun.

Temperature and time are essential variables for correct thawing of semen.


Both freezing and thawing cause damage to spermatozoa. In order to minimize such damage, rapid thawing in the correct temperature interval is necessary.


Studies show that thawing procedures are important regardless of how the semen is processed, however, correct thawing is essential for SpermVital since the SpermVital processed semen is an extended release gel. Conventional insemination equipment and technique is recommended (we recommend 36-38°C for at least 1 minute, and then inseminate as soon as possible).

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