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How to use SpermVital semen

SpermVital semen is produced and delivered in the same straws as conventional bull semen, and is thawed and handled in the same way as ordinary semen.

Geno recommends the following use of the SpermVital technology:

  • Early insemination

    Heat detection will be less time consuming and you will be able to inseminate as soon as you see the first signs of heat.

  • Weak signs of heat

    Timing of the inseminations will be less time critical, and therefore beneficial for the cows with weak or uncertain signs of heat

  • Problem cows

    Documented data shows that cows that returns to heat, benefit greatly from the SpermVital technology.

  • Increase flexibility

    Timing of inseminations will be less time critical, and inseminations on weekends and holidays can be avoided.


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