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International market tests and studies

SpermVital semen has been used internationally by dairy farmers since 2009.

The first market outside Norway to launch SpermVital semen was Italy, through Geno Italy. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from this market. SpermVital has also been sold and tested under field conditions in Holland and UK and was awarded first prize for "Best new product" at Agriscot, Scotland in November 2010.

Field trial on Holstein in Italy

Geno Italy also conducted a trial with SpermVital Holstein semen during the winter of 2012. In this trial the conception rate with SpermVital semen had an average increase of 25% compared with conventional Holstein semen.


Read more about the Italian field trial with Holstein here 


SpermVital tested in Holland

The Geno partner Xsires and students from Christelijke Agrarische Hogeschool conducted a three-month trial using the SpermVital product. The average pregnancy rate of the SpermVital inseminated cows was 49% compared to 25% with the Holstein semen.


Synchronization trial

SpermVital conducted two separate field studies in different markets during 2014 to investigate whether the SpermVital semen had increased longevity in cows and heifers.


Read all about the Synchronization trial here

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