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Virus Preparedness in Geno

Geno has decided to cancel all trips abroad and visits from abroad as the situation is now related to coronavirus. These are preventative measures to ensure that production and distribution to all customers can continue as usual.

Geno has adopted preventative measures for its employees. When it comes to how larger meetings, such as our annual meeting in March, we will come back with additional information shortly.


The following guidelines apply:

  • Immediate general orders for increased hand and cough hygiene are immediately introduced.
  • It is encouraged to reduce handshakes and touching your face. But a hello and a smile are still allowed and nice way to greet eachother!
  • Geno employees will not, for the time being, undertake travel abroad. Exceptions must be clarified with your direct manager or the CEO.
  • Visits from abroad are not allowed for the time being, and it is encouraged to use online meetings instead.
  • Also consider whether meetings domestically can be conducted digitally.
  • Private trips internationally must clarified with your direct manager with regard to possible quarantine upon return.


Geno will update our guidelines on an ongoing basis and we naturally follow the advice of the Institute of Public Health which you will find here

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