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Outstanding new genomic Norwegian Red sires

Outstanding new genomic Norwegian Red sires

Official Norwegian Red (NR) genetic evaluations for August 2019 are now available from Geno, and exciting new bulls are now available to international markets.

Many genomic selected sires (GS) are available in conventional and REDX semen.

Top GS sires that are available now

Geno now has many genomic selected (GS) sires available to international markets with Total Merit Index (TMI) of 30 or higher. Many more GS sires are available with TMI of 20 or greater and many of these sires should be considered depending on the local market needs. Some customers and markets should select NR sires using criteria that are different from the Geno TMI so it is important for customers to look carefully at the current lineup including bulls that may not be at the top of the TMI list.


The top 5 GS sires based on TMI that are alive and available include Trannmel (11997) with a TMI of 38, followed by 2 bulls with TMI of 33 and 2 bulls with a TMI of 31. Midtskog (11994) and Ranheim (11851) have a TMI of 33 and Krovoll (11921) and Hammeren (11863) both have a TMI of 31. Trannmel and Midtskog are A2A2 for beta casein.


Trannmel is outstanding for production (production index = 139), udder conformation (udder index = 129) and udder health (udder health index = 122) but he should not be used on maiden heifers as his direct calving ease breeding value (BV) is 83. Trannmel is an excellent choice for use in cows on farms looking for high production in a confinement setting.


Midtskog is a polled Maele (11789) son from a Ravn (10739) daughter. Midtskog has a very good all-around trait profile with excellent production (production index = 132). Midtskog should be considered for most herds.


Ranheim and Krovoll are both sons from Reitan 2 (11033) with excellent production BV (production index = 128 and 132, respectively) and very good udder BV (udder index = 119 and 118, respectively). Krovoll is especially high for component percentages as well (protein percent = 129 and fat percent = 118). Krovoll and Ranheim now have direct calving ease info with 833 and 3586 calvings recorded, respectively, so their direct calving ease BV are now based on direct calving observations and not just genomic info. Ranheim is excellent for direct calving ease with BV of 113. Krovoll and Ranheim may both have REDX semen available in your market already.


Hammeren is expected to produce daughters with very good production (production index = 123) and excellent udder conformation (udder index = 126). Hammeren is BB for kappa casein.


Several other GS sires that are in high demand include Onstad (11819), Alm (11876), Boerset (11813), Skarphol (11855), Hatle (11818) and Meland (11826) just to name a few. It is important for each customer and especially each market to look carefully at the available sire list and to choose those that best meet the needs of the local circumstances. Many other sires may be just as valuable as the ones listed here. Also, most markets now have several options for REDX from top NR sires.


The maternal grandsire of 11994 Midtskog sired the Norwegian Red cow on this photo. Photo: Gunnar Klingwall

The maternal grandsire of 11994 Midtskog sired this Norwegian Red cow. Photo: Gunnar Klingwall

Notable daughter proven sires that are available

Notable daughter proven sires still alive, available and in high demand include Enger (11147) and Roen (11690) both with TMI of 22. Enger has now added many second crop daughters (he now has 2,299 daughters in his production proof) and continues to be an excellent all-around sire. Enger is alive and available with conventional and sexed semen in several markets.


Roen now has 679 daughters in his production proof. Roen is a Skei (10617) son from a Velsvik (10432) daughter. Roen daughters are small to moderate in size with very good production and very good component percentages. His overall trait profile is very good as he is above average for the key traits that are important in most markets. We expect that he will be popular in markets where daughter proven sires are in heavy demand.


The next official genetic evaluations will be available December 3, 2019.


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