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Official opening of Geno’s new sorting lab for sexed Norwegian Red genetics

Official opening of Geno’s new sorting lab for sexed Norwegian Red genetics

Monday, the 13th of November is the grand opening of the lab where the new sperm sorting technology IntelliGen™ has been installed and is ready for production at Geno’s AI station Store Ree in Stange, Norway.

Geno is the first in the world to sign a deal with ABS Global to buy their new and patented technology, IntelliGen, for production of sexed semen.


The former elite sire facilities at Store Ree have now been transformed into a high-tech laboratory where the latest technology has been installed. 


The lab will produce sexed Norwegian Red semen for both the national and the international market.

21st-century technology IntelliGen

During the opening ceremony there will be ribbon cutting, and a lecture on the technology and the possibilities it will give in terms of accelerated genetic gain for farmers and use in the Norwegian Red nucleus. 


The 21st-century technology IntelliGen utilizes lasers and advanced engineering and computing technology to differ between X and Y chromosomes and is gentler on the sperm than other technologies.


Hence, the expected result is better fertility rates with this sperm compared to other technologies.

Sorted Norwegian Red with IntelliGen in market early 2018

Genus IntelliGen™ Technologies, a new technology unit within the Genus organization, has spent 7 years and substantial investments in testing and trials before releasing the technology.


Ordinary production within Geno will start in December, and Geno expects to release the product to the markets in the first quarter of 2018.


- To offer our own sexed Norwegian Red semen to our members and customers has long been on our list, and through our cooperation with ABS we’ve been able to get the very latest technology, says Sverre Bjørnstad, CEO of Geno.


- Norwegian Red is the leading Red genetics for dairy production exported Internationally. Having a state of the art technology for producing sorted semen will be very valuable for our International customers. Using the most gentle and advanced technology promising the highest fertility is the right choice for the possibly most fertile and healthy genetics in the world. We already have customers waiting for this and expect it to contribute to the growth of the Number 1 sold red genetics worldwide! says Lars Kristian Bredahl, COO Geno international.


Further information, please contact:

Lars Kristian Bredahl, COO

+ 47 90824075


Mari Bjørke, CMCO

+47 907 78 301


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