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Norwegian Reds produce the Best Cheese in the World

Norwegian Reds produce the Best Cheese in the World

The Norwegian cheese Fanaost was named the world's best cheese during the World Cheese Awards in Bergen.

A total of 3,472 cheeses from all over the world participated in the competition to be named the world's best last week in Norway. A Norwegian gouda, Fanaost, from Jørn Hafslund from Ostegården in Bergen, took out the supreme title.

12 years to the title 

When Jørn and Ruth Hafslund began producing cheese in 2006, the goal was to put the milk produced on the farm to good use. Instead of buying cheese from others, they wanted to make their own product. Obviously, their endeavor was a huge success as they been awarded medals in both national and international competitions before taking the 'World Champion 2018' title at the World Cheese Awards this year.


They currently milk 12 Norwegian Red cows and although Jørn doesn't want to reveal the secret behind why his cheese is so good he says that the milk from his cows is extra sweet and flavorful.

Second win for Norway 

It is not the first-time cheeses produced from Norwegian Red milk make it to the top in the competition. During the previous World Cup in 2016, local family-owned producer Tingvollost won the golden medal with their blue cheese.


"Norwegian Red has proven itself again as the foundation behind the best cheese in the world. Other dairy breeds position themselves as the best for cheese production, but the results speak for themselves," says Lars Bredahl from Geno SA, the Norwegian Red breeding organization.


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