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Norwegian Red updated proofs December 2017

Norwegian Red updated proofs December 2017

Saur and Reitan 2 top the daughter proven sire list and the quality of genomic sires available internationally continues to improve.

The latest official Norwegian Red (NR) genetic evaluations for December 2017 are now available from Geno.


Go to Geno's Sire Catalogue to get detailed updates on sires that are generally available in international markets. If specific bulls on this sire list are not currently available in your market, you can check with your local distributor or directly with Geno to see if they might be available in the near future.

Genomic sires at the top of the list

Many top daughter proven and top genomic selected sires (GS) are available for global markets. Genomic selected sires dominate the top of the list of NR bulls ranked on the Geno Total Merit Index (TMI), but a few outstanding daughter proven sires compete well on TMI with the top GS sires.


Genomic selected bulls will not have Interbull or local genetic evaluations outside of Norway, but breeders can make fair comparisons across all NR GS and daughter proven sires and for all traits using Geno breeding values. The state-of-art genetic evaluation methodology used for calculating genetic evaluations in Norway makes interpretation of genetic evaluations easy.

Notable Daughter Proven sires

The first NR bulls selected heavily based on genomic information are now getting their first daughter based proofs. A very notable top sire that was originally used heavily based on his genomic data is the homozygous polled bull Saur (11572). Saur now has 102 daughters with yield data, 380 with maternal calving data and approximately 2800 observations for direct calving ease and direct stillbirths.


Saur now has a TMI of 33 which makes him tied with Reitan 2 (11033) for the top daughter proven sire based on TMI. Saur has been exported to several countries as a GS sire and continues to be used. He is unmatched for fertility (fertility index = 142) among daughter proven sires and his daughters have very good udders (udder index = 116) and are outstanding for udder health, foot/claw health and many other key traits. Saur daughters are of moderate size and their solids production is expected to be good as well.


Reitan 2 (11033) now has 1007 NR daughters in his proof and continues to shine with a TMI of 33. Reitan 2 is especially popular in high production, confinement herds where producers are looking for high yields (Reitan 2 has a protein yield index of 130 and fat yield index of 128). Reitan 2 is also very high for udder conformation (udder index = 127) and he will sire daughters that are much taller than other NR sires (stature = 143).


Gopollen (11078) follows Saur and Reitan 2 with a TMI of 30. Gopollen will add second crop daughters in the next several months. Gopollen is sired by Braut (10177) and he is a perfect choice for those herds who desire top performance for all key traits. Gopollen daughters are great all-around cows and he continues to be extremely popular in most international markets.


Skjelvan (11039) with a TMI of 27 and Prestangen (10923) with a TMI of 25 should also be noted. Skjelvan has milking daughters now in many countries (almost 2500 in Norway) and they are tremendous for milk solids production (protein yield = 139, fat yield = 135) and have good udders (udder index = 107). Skjelvan is still very popular in several markets and we expect this to continue. Skjelvan bull calves grow very fast and rival top beef breeds for carcass growth so he could be a nice substitute for beef semen with a major up-side when heifer calves result.


Prestangen has over 5200 daughters milking in Norway and you will find him in many of the current pedigrees. Prestangen transmits excellent fertility (fertility index = 120) along with very good udders (udder index = 116) just like his initial breeding values indicated several years ago. Prestangen daughters are very robust and he has transmitted this robust nature of his offspring to some top recent GS sires.

Several top GS sires are available for immediate export

Fifteen top GS sires have semen available for immediate export. Several of these GS sires have already been sold in some markets but much opportunity exists with these top GS sires.


The top 7 sires range in TMI from 38 to 43 and 3 are polled.


The top 3 bulls for TMI that are immediately available include Maele (11789)Kvernmo (11837) and Onstad (11819), all with a TMI of 43.


Maele is sired by Prestangen from a Sormarka (10462) daughter and he has a great trait profile. He has especially high merit for udder conformation and udder health.


Kvernmo (11837) and Onstad (11819) both are polled and have a TMI of 43. Kvernmo is a son of Reitan 2 and he has tremendous production breeding values. His milk index is 141 and his udder index is 123. His daughters will be taller than NR average. Kvernmo is from a Sormarka daughter like Maele.


Onstad is also a Reitan 2 son and he is from a Velsvik (10432) daughter. His breeding profile is similar to Kvernmo's, but Onstad daughters will not be as tall as Kvernmo daughters.


Additional top GS sires that are readily available include two Skjelvan sons (Boerset (11813) and Fyksen (11824)) and two Prestangen sons (Viastua (11798) and Siqveland (11801)). Both of the Skjelvan sons will have tremendous daughter production along with good performance in other key traits. The Prestangen sons will have  extremely robust daughters with very good production.


Other polled GS sires that are in production for international markets include homozygous polled Bergei (11884) with a TMI of 33 and heterozygous polled Smaagarda (11864) with a TMI of 37, both are Saur sons.


Top GS sires offer great opportunities for both high producing confinement farms as well as grazing and organic farms. Some sires will work well in both segments, others will work better in just one of the segments. Many of these top GS sires that are readily available are polled and several are A2A2 so they will bring this added benefit.

Sexed semen

Producers looking for sexed semen from NR sires should be aware that Geno has the new Genus IntelliGen™ technology at work in Norway. Sexed semen from this new technology from a variety of NR sires is expected to be in global markets by February 2018.

Next official genetic evaluetions

The next official genetic evaluations will be available April 3, 2018.


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