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Norwegian Red bull gets his second bull of the year title

Norwegian Red bull gets his second bull of the year title

Norwegian Red bull Braut has taken the title of crossbreeding Bull of the Year for 2015. Organized by The Dairy Crossbred Blog, votes came in from around the world and secured Braut a first-place triumph for the second time. He first won the title in 2013. 

10177 Braut has been named the most popular bull for breeding in several countries, including the Netherlands, UK and USA, and has more than 280,000 daughters, sons and offspring worldwide. He is still alive and producing semen, and has outlived many of his children and grandchildren. He has the most exported Norwegian Red semen of all time (by number of doses) which has been exported to 22 different countries. For being such an old bull, he still remains high on the Total Merit Index list.

Born in 2002

Braut was born in Jæren, Norway in 2002 to breeders Torbjørg and Ommun Braut. Today their son Elling Braut runs the family farm which consist of 25 milking Norwegian Red cows, which is the average farm size in Norway.

Health and fertility

Braut transmits very easy calving and low stillbirths, high production – both for yield and percentages, high daughter fertility, improved feet and legs, and good udders. Braut also has the added advantage of extremely high fertility as a service sire. Most Norwegian Red sires have a non-return rate at the least 5% higher than Holstein service sires, and Braut is the most fertile of the team! He lives a life fit for his VIP-status in Norway. He has a soft lying area, as much food as he likes twice a day and a lot of attention and physical contact. Last year the barn was even decorated for Christmas.

About Norwegian Red

While the focus for dairy breeding is often on milk production, Norwegian Reds are bred to be in balance and are world-leaders in health and fertility. Since the 1970s, Norway introduced health record for all calves whereby all diseases and treatments were recorded and there was systematic testing for fertility. This has resulted a breed which is one of the healthiest in the world. Veterinary and medical costs are low and Norwegian cows have almost no antibiotic use. They have uncomplicated deliveries, are almost never sick, have good bodies, strong legs, functional udders and a good temperament. In addition to these qualities, they have good milk and meat production.


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