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New Managing Director of Geno SA

New Managing Director of Geno SA

Kristin Malonæs will assume the position of Managing Director of Geno SA from March 1st, 2020.

"I'm very much looking forward to taking on the duties at Geno, as well as further developing the company in tight cooperation with the employees and Board of Directors. Through its targeted long-term work, Geno holds a very unique position in the market. It will be important for me to facilitate the frameworks to enable Geno to continue developing in a positive direction and strengthen its international position," says Kristin Malonæs, the new Managing Director of Geno.


Kristin Malonæs is convinced that Geno can contribute to a more sustainable world. She does not hide the fact that she is looking forward to starting her new position. When asked what the most important issue for Geno is moving forward, Kristin says increased international growth. "I'm also concerned with ensuring that the international commitment permeates throughout the organisation. Everyone must be on board to play in this market in the future."

"Customer orientation is and will be important. I'm impressed with the work that Geno has already done in this area. Knowing what the customer focuses on and ensuring a better customer experience will be crucial in the future, and must be continued in the international markets."

Geno can make a difference

"New trends will impact our research and development work. We must keep a close watch on developments and ensure that our prioritisations are correct. Through this, we can succeed in turning challenges into possibilities. Geno must be in the forefront. The project involving measuring methane emissions of individual animals is an example of how we can be a driving force and contribute towards a sustainable world. Geno has profiled the sustainable Norwegian Red cow excellently, and our farmers focused on health and using a minimal amount of antibiotics well before this became a hot topic. Healthy and fertile is still a popular slogan today!"


"I believe that we could be better at using our values more actively. Ambition is a fantastic value and encourages us to be one step ahead of our competitors. We should allow ourselves to be inspired by the huge possibilities we have internationally. We just need to be professional. At the same time, we must have ethical pillars for Geno's operations. Breeding for better lives is a fantastic vision that leads the way."


Kristin Malonæs (49) comes from the position of deputy manager of Innovation Norway's Marketing and Regions division. She is a qualified business economist and holds a master's degree in Knowledge Management and e-Marketing from BI Norwegian Business School.


The Chairman of Geno, Jan Ole Mellby, says the Board of Directors considered it important that the new Managing Director possessed broad managerial experience, the ability to enable and further develop the value of its employees, and to strengthen the company's internationalisation. "We would like to welcome Kristin Malonæs as our new Managing Director and look forward to collaborating to find solutions to some global problems with the further development of Geno, and the most sustainable and profitable Norwegian Red cattle breed," concludes Melby.

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