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New international trial with Norwegian Red initiated in the Netherlands

New international trial with Norwegian Red initiated in the Netherlands

Geno Global has signed an agreement for a research trial with Norwegian Red crosses in the Netherlands.

The trial will last for 5 years and is performed by Wageningen University, one of the most renowned agricultural and genetics universities in the world. Interest in the participation of the trial has been overwhelming and priorities of half of those who applied has been done.

The trial includes 10-12 farms with a minimum of 25 Norwegian Red crosses per farm. The crosses will be evaluated for three lactations with an option of an additional two lactations. The trial farms are selected dairy's located all across the Netherlands.

Xsires Crossbreeding kicked of the trial in Woudenberg, where dairy farmer Wim Wolswinkel milks several daughters of 10177 Braut. A bull that has sold over 100,000 doses of semen in the Netherlands. "One hundred thousand straws from a bull of any other breed than Holstein is quite special, especially when you look at the average turnover rate of today's Holstein bulls. The fact that the bull is used for so many years also means that farmers are very satisfied with the animals," says Jan Klijnstra, Xsires.

To make the qualities of the Norwegian Red x Holstein cross clear to a broader public, Xsires and Geno have applied for a new trial at Wageningen University.

Geno Global's daughter company (Xsires) will be active in following the trial. Xsires is the local distributor and supplier of Norwegian Red and complimenting genetics for crossbreeding.


From left: Professor Roel Veerkamp ( at Wageningen University), Wijbrand Ouweltjes (project manager, Wageningen University), Lars Kristian Bredahl, COO in Geno Global and Sverre Bjørnstad, CEO in Geno.

Broader trial design at Wageningen University

Five to six current Norwegian bulls are randomly distributed over half of the livestock, while the cattle farmers continue to use Holstein on the other half. However, the new trial is broader in scope because claw health is also considered through participation in Digiklauw. The use of antibiotics in cows and calves is also recorded. Norway is the country in the Nordics and in Europe that uses the least amount of antibiotics in animals.

Excited to see results

Geno is eager to see the results from the trial in a time where significant emphasis is put on finding the most sustainable dairy cow in the Netherlands. The Netherlands have been among the early pioneers in dairy production worldwide and have implemented new technologies and approaches at a rapid pace. Positive trial results from Wageningen would be of great value to Xsires and Geno and to Norwegian Red.


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For press release: Contact person: Lars Kristian Bredahl.

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