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Lars Bredahl appointed Chief Operating Officer, International at Geno

Lars Bredahl appointed Chief Operating Officer, International at Geno

Lars Bredahl has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO), International at Geno, where he previously held the position of VP Business Development. Geno is the breeding organization of Norwegian Red, the main dairy cattle breed in Norway.

"The international demand for Norwegian Red genetics continues to grow steadily, and finding the right person to lead our international business has been a top priority. Lars has been key to the success of Geno's international business development over the last three years. He will bring passion, drive and strategic impact to the position, and we look forward to seeing an increased focus on our international customers," says Sverre Bjørnstad, Chief Executive Officer of Geno.


Lars Bredahl, COO, International


Bredahl received his Master of Management from the BI Norwegian Business School and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover. He has held positions at GE Healthcare, PIC, Intervet, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and Alpharma Pharmaceuticals. Working towards expanding the potential of genetics and animal science, Bredahl currently serves on the Board of SpermVvital, Xsires, iVets, Fredrikstad Animal Hospital and Follo Distriktsrevisjon .


"Creating value at customer-end by delivering a genetic solution based on the unique genetics of the Norwegian Red dairy breed is the basis for Geno's growth internationally. Building on profitable, and possibly the most sustainable, dairy genetics in the world is rewarding. I look forward to leading a strong and highly qualified team together with our international partners," says Lars Bredahl, COO, International .


Bredahl manages the International Operations and Business Development team. Included in this team are Lars Skramstad and Hans Kerkhof who jointly manage Geno's priority markets. Dr. Gary Rogers holds the position of Global Technical Advisor and Dr. Trygve Solberg leads international business development.

About Geno

Geno is the breeding organization of Norwegian Red, the main dairy breed in Norway. It is a farmer cooperative that has been conducting research and development for cattle breeding since 1935. Geno produces over 1.3 million doses of semen from elite Norwegian Red bulls each year and distributes genetic material to more than 30 countries worldwide. Geno's vision: Breeding for better lives. Geno's head office is in Hamar, Norway.


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Lars Kristian Bredahl, Chief Operating Officer, International at Geno SA
Tel.: +47 908 24 075


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Kate Stai, Communications Manager
Tel: +47 476 74 421

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