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Geno’s genetic evaluations provide the most accurate genomic-based sire breeding values

Geno’s genetic evaluations provide the most accurate genomic-based sire breeding values

Norwegian Red Genomic-based sire Breeding Values perform great in predicting future Daughter-Proven sire Breeding Values.

Geno, with its mission of breeding for better lives, continues to lead in implementation of genomic selection by using a single step approach to genetic evaluations. Geneticists have shown that the single step approach for calculating genomic proofs is more accurate than two-step approaches used by almost all other countries in theory and in practice.


Geno's genetic evaluations of Norwegian Red sires provide some of the most accurate and unbiased genomic-based sire breeding values in the industry.

Excellent reliability of key traits

Recent analyses indicate high positive relationships (correlations) among genomic-based sire breeding values from 2018 and corresponding 2020 daughter-proven breeding values. Correlations indicate that breeding values for most of the key traits have excellent reliability (ranging 50% to 80%). Here is an illustration of the high positive correlation for the trait Number of Inseminations per Pregnancy in Cows.


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The above graphic also illustrates that top sires had about the same average genomic breeding values in 2018 and in 2020 so there was no indication that high breeding values dropped on average from 2018 until 2020. Geno's genomic-based breeding values have no indication of systematic bias even in highly selected sires, which contrasts with bias seen in top sires of many breeds.


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High accuracy and low bias

These new analyses confirm that the genomic-based breeding values work very well in the NR population.

"To help dairy farmers choose Norwegian Red sires with confidence, it is critical for Geno to produce genomic-based breeding values that predict daughter-proven breeding values with high accuracy and little to no systematic bias. High accuracy (or reliability) and low bias have been a key focus in the development of our genetic evaluation procedures. These characteristics are critical for improving genetic gain and they promote confidence in the predictive ability of the breeding values for dairy farmers." explains Gary Rogers, Geno's Global Technical Advisor.

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