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Export of Norwegian Red Dairy Genetics to Kyrgyzstan

Export of Norwegian Red Dairy Genetics to Kyrgyzstan

The 15th of January, Lars Kristian Bredahl (Geno Global) met with a delegation from Kyrgyzstan to discuss expanded cooperation based on Norwegian Red (NR) Genetics.

Lars Kristian Bredahl informs that throughout 2014/15, Geno Global exported approximately 7000 doses of NR-semen to Kyrgyzstan through a collaboration with the Norwegian Forestry Association.

Great experiences with Norwegian Red

There are currently many dairy cows milking in Kyrgyzstan thanks to Geno Global's export. Because of this, the country is currently seeing great results in dairy production with high producing strong healthy cows.


Geno Global wishes to continue the fruitful collaboration and carry forward the sales, that from experience shows that NR-genetics can provide in a considerable boost in the Kyrgyz dairy production.

Meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Kyrgyzstan

A meeting with a Kyrgyzstani diplomatic delegation was held in Oslo the 15th of January, headed by the minister of Foreign Affairs, Chingiz Aiderbekov. He confirmed a strong interest in continuing and expanding the collaboration.


The Foreign Minister accentuated the desire to develop an agricultural industry with quality and sustainability. This fits well with the values that are core parts of the NR breeding philosophy Of Health, fertility and a high quality milk production.


Attending the meetings were: Øystein Aasaaren from the Norwegian Forestry Association, Karsten Gefle from Norges Vel, Erik Holtedal from Norconsult, Ole Johan Bjørnøy from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Roald Nes from Tine.


Geno Global has in the past had good experiences working in parallel and in cooperation with the ministry of foreign affairs and hope this can become another success story.

Milk production in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic has a strong base of dairy cows, and there is a large emphasis on further building a sustainable production of dairy that is centred on a healthy and fertile cow. The natural conditions of the region also provide a good basis for this aspiration and products that have a high quality suitable for National sales and for Export.


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