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Increased use of Norwegian Red in the Nordic countries

Increased use of Norwegian Red in the Nordic countries

More Nordic farmers use Norwegian Red.

From 2015-2018 the sale of Norwegian Red in the Nordic countries has increased substantially. In Norway, other Nordic red breeds have suffered a major drop in sales in the same time period.


"The exchange of genetics in the Nordic has a long tradition. It is positive to see how the improvements in the Norwegian Red genetics is being mirrored in the sales outside of Norway. Norwegian farmers also appreciate the development and are strongly in support of the results in the farms" says Lars Kristian Bredahl, COO Geno Global

The most sold red breed

Norwegian Red has been the most sold red breed in the world in the last couple of years. Figures for Norwegian Red dairy cattle semen show sales in 2016 of 471,000 straws, 3.5% higher than in 2015 and 41% higher than its closest rival.

Why choose Norwegian red?

Norwegian farmers have included fertility and health in the Norwegian Red breeding program since 1971 and 1978, respectively. Norway was the first of the Nordic countries to include these traits.


Throughout the world, heat detection and conception rates are causing more and more problems, particularly in Holstein herds. Expensive management tools such as heat detection systems, estrus synchronization and activity monitoring are all helpful tools, but they do not solve the basic problem of poor fertility in dairy cattle. Crossbreeding with Norwegian Red can dramatically increase fertility across most dairy herds.


Overall improved health results in fewer cows in hospital pens, less use of antibiotics, less withholding of milk and fewer treatments related to claw disorders.


Improved calf survival and health has resulted from long-term selection for easier calving and less stillbirths. Cows of all parities in Norway average 2% difficult calvings and 2.7% stillbirths.


Dairy producers who want high producing, moderate-sized cows with extremely high fertility and disease resistance as well as outstanding fat and protein production will be pleased with daughters of Norwegian Red sires. The Norwegian Red complements many other dairy breeds and works well in almost any management system.


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