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Geno appoints new Chief Operating Officer International

Geno appoints new Chief Operating Officer International

Kate Stai has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO), International at Geno, where she previously held the position of Communications and Marketing Manager.

Geno is the breeding organization of Norwegian Red, the main dairy cattle breed in Norway.

"The global demand for Norwegian Red genetics continues to grow and Kate has been a key driver in the success of Geno's international development over the last few years. She will set our customers in focus and bring passion and drive to the international team. We look forward to offering more value to our international customers than ever before," says Sverre Bjørnstad, Chief Executive Officer of Geno.

Background in international business

Prior to starting at Geno, Kate comes from a long background of international business, having worked at Thomson Reuters and NASDAQ based in Oslo and a large health IT company with its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand.


Kate says she is excited about the possibilities that Norwegian Red genetics can have in a crossbreeding system to improve the wellbeing and lives of producers, consumers and dairy cattle.


"It is inspiring to see that what Norwegian farmers have developed in their breeding program for Norwegian Red is creating exceptional results for our international customers with improved fertility, health, longevity and sustainability," Kate explains. "We believe that the very best dairy farms will be using Norwegian Red in the future."

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Storhamargata 44,
N-2317 Hamar, Norway
Phone: +47 950 20 600
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